It's April already?! But I'm not ready...

Oh my, I have such a busy month coming up, its unbelievable!
Its a four day weekend this week (hurray!) so instead of blogging, for the next few days I am going to:

~bake an amazing cake ~
~ finally dye my hair ~
(its in a truly shocking state! )
~ dress up as a fairy ~
(I might even share a picture of that lol)
~ enjoy a fabulous hen (bachelorette) party ~
~ catch up with some of my favourite girls ~
~ try not to cry that one of them is getting married ~
(I'm probably going to cry...)
~ eat far too much food ~
~ hopefully take alot of photos ~
~ignore the fact that Boyfriend is at a stag do ~
(in fact I might even turn my phone off)
~Eat some mini eggs! ~
(my one easter sugary treat...)

and then on Monday I am going to do nothing!
Maybe read a book? Make a nice lunch... have a nap?
Squeeze in a blog post
(though I'm not making any promises...)
who knows...
I can not wait!

I hope you all have an amazing Easter Weekend!

p.s. I might actually catch up with my links and blanks on Monday.
I have a feeling I'll miss not doing them tomorrow...

p.p.s. I won't turn my phone off...