Bempton Cliffs Panorama photos...

My little panorama plastic camera was an unexpected member of our family last weekend but I must admit, it was so much fun to play with.

Even though it doesn't have a true wide angle lens like the
vivatar slim and wide
(I would love one of those! Its at the top of my charity shop camera hunt list)
and the image is cropped by a template onto the negative I still love how the pictures turned out and it was so easy to carry around and snap away happily with.

{in fact the only problem I had with it was keeping my finger out of the way of the lens!}

{portrait panoramic photos are my favourite}

{you can just see both of our Dad's in this photo, I love it!}

Bempton Cliff's was also an unplanned part of our holiday however I think it may have been one of my favourite places we visited! On Thomas's Mum's birthday (only a few weeks ago) Thomas's Dad promised her that he would take her to see some puffins before her next birthday... he managed to fulfill his promise rather quickly as whilst we were there we saw 4 puffins! Two sleeping curled up and two standing on the cliffs.

Unfortunately none of us had a camera good enough to get a photo but they were absolutely stunning and a real highlight of our weekend.