Eep, look what I got!

The best thing about Christmas is asking for presents you know that you wouldn't really want to spend the money on (what with being careful with money and all) so I asked for the Fuji Instax Mini and my parents got me one, yeay!

I love love love it, the pictures turn out really well (though I did mess up the settings on a couple of these, I hope you can't tell...) and they make fantastic presents, I gave the other half of the photos that I took away - one to my Nanna and the rest to friends.

And the best bit? I still have 90 photos left to take! Yeay!!!!

p.s. Check out Molly's amazing post on Diamond in the Rough - I was a bit late posting it, oops!

p.p.s. Kate is having a giveaway of her happy is the new black cards, they are amazing!