Dearest blogging world...

You are amazing!

But sometimes I bite off more than I can chew.

Before Christmas I was completely overwhelmed with blogging - the constant 800+ in my reader despite how much I read, the huge number of comments that I hadn't replied too, the followers blogs that I hadn't looked at or commented on...

...and although I was energised and ready to sort this head on once I got back - being sick has once again left me totally overwhelmed and I honestly feel so stressed.

I want to reply to everyones comments, I want to look at all my followers blogs but these things take time and time is something that I seem to have less and less of.

So... I'm clearing out my reader, the blogs I follow and my head - too many blogs that I don't really read properly are taking away my time from the ones I love and taking time away from enjoying my own blog (and the photoswap, I haven't forgotten about it...) which really is why I'm here.

Being a good blogger is incredibly hard work and I want to be a great blogger - not a good blog skimmer and I want to enjoy blogging again. So bear with me for a while whilst I clear out all the cobwebs and hopefully my blog, my shop (which I have woefully abandoned for a while) and I will be ready to face 2010 properly!

Thank you again for being so patient with me, I am still amazed by all the lovely comments I get and amazing followers that I have :)

love Rhianne