10 Things to do before 2010 revisited...

Can you believe its December already?? I am amazed! I wrote this list way back in June and I am so excited by how everything has turned out!

  1. Go to the cinema and see Up! Everyone is talking about how great it is and its not out over here yet.... boo!
    We saw it in 3D! I cried like a baby and totally fell in love with Dug "But its a talking dog!!"
  2. Visit Wales (I've never been before, I'm very excited)
    Check! See numerous posts lol.
  3. Get a holga camera (again very excited)
    Plus a diana! I'm setting my sights higher next year! Polaroid!!
  4. Buy boyfriend an amazing birthday present - his birthday was in April, oops.
  5. Do another Pay it Forward thing (or maybe a swap) its so much fun!!
    Well I never saw this one coming - yeay for the photo swap and again thank you to everyone taking part.
  6. Get some yellow tights - I keep going on about them and I still haven't found a pair
    I brought some - I still haven't worn them yet though - oops!! I've still got the rest of the month...
  7. Learn how to use a sewing machine (and perhaps even buy one first) I want to try this...
    Yeah... this one isn't happening...
  8. Read the books that are piled on my bookcase which I haven't read yet.
    Or this one... I've read maybe one...
  9. Bake my own chocolate French Macarons, yum
    YES!! And they were amazing - I even think tastier than the Laduree chocolate ones (though not the red fruits - that was delicious!)
  10. Make something in a slow cooker - but what to make..?
    Does stew and risotto count in a big pot...? Probably not...

Well overall I think 7/10 isn't too bad - I'm going to have to wear the tights though and try using the slow cooker - lets see if I can so that this month :)

Happy December!!