Monday Blog Love...

Blogging is amazing isn't it? Especially on a Monday morning after a wet and miserable weekend when you have some amazing awards to share - I'm so excited!

The first is the Gorgeous Blogger Award from Carrie - how cute is this? I'm so excited that I got this from Carrie as her blog is great and she is so amazing and determined. Thank you so much Carrie!

I am going to pass this onto some more gorgeous bloggers:

Molly at My name is Yeh
Gracie at Gracie Bella Butterfly
Monica at Miss Onic
Shokoofeh at A New Simple Something

Next is the You're a Gem Award, which I love, from Cassie at Hydrangeas and White Daisies. Thank you so much Cassie - I highly recommend her lovely little blog, so definitely check it out if you can.

Now Cassie has posted some pictures of things she loves and asked people to ask her questions but instead I am just going to go for a questions and answer session - I have been thinking of doing one for a while as so many people have started to read my blog in such a short time.

So if you have been reading my blog and thought 'Hmmm, I wonder...' then please comment with your question below and I will answer the questions and pass on this award on Friday :)

p.s. If anyone else has left me an award that I haven't posted then please let me know - Google Reader and I are not exactly on the best terms right now...