Little letters to the future...

Dear future sunsets at the bus stop,
You will make waiting much more bearable, I look forward to taking more photos
Dear future weekend,
You are going to be so much fun, you already sound too good to be true.

Dear future polaroid camera,
Why don't I own you yet? This is your second letter...

Dear future nieces and nephews*,
Hurry up! I'm so excited about you already, I can't wait to be your cool Auntie

p.s. I need someone to take to see kids films with me before I start looking uncool...

Dear future puppies and kittens,
I love you already - even if you will wee on my bed and chew my shoes...

Dear future Thomas,
If I love you this much now - imagine how much I will love you then :)

Dear future car,
I am really surprised by how much I can't wait to drive you, I hope you're red.

Dear future pumpkins,
you will look impressive next time... and stand up straight.

Dear future,
You look bright and I can't wait!

*I probably should point out that my sister isn't pregnant and I don't think she plans to be I'm just impatient :)