Giveaway winner...

Part of me hates when the giveaway winner is decided - I like the thought that anyone could win it... and I always feel bad when they're over - but don't worry, I think this just means I should do more giveaways so that there are more chances to win... don't you?

Anyway - the winner of the O'Reilly giveway is... Rose Red - Well done!

Thank you to everyone who entered the O'Reilly print giveaway
and a big thank you to Maggy for agreeing to help me celebrate - definitely have another look around her shop if you have the chance - her prints really are amazing!
p.s Hello to my latest followers - Spardha, Onic (who has a great new blog!) Ana, Gemma Louise, Catherine, Beka2004, Magara, Make do Mum, Spanky*, Melissa and Adeline - I love having you all here :)