My name is Wendy and I am easily distracted...

Hello! When Rhianne asked for babysitters for her gorgeous blog, I couldn’t resist, especially when I found out the theme was ‘things that easily distract you’. At Red Boots I post about my life and the things I adore, and ultimately about the things that easily distract me, so I hope I’m a well qualified blog babysitter!

I thought I’d gather up of some of the things that keep me distracted when I should be working or during the wee small hours of the night when I should be sleeping, or things that I look at simply when I need some inspiration or am feeling a bit down...

Caravans... {Flickr}

If things ever get too tough, I swear I’m going to quit my house and go and live in it. Sometimes I dream about sitting in one with a good book, a cup of steaming hot earl grey tea and a scone. What could be more magical? If you want to join me then you better get in quick because space looks quite tight!


{Pillow on Etsy and Lamp from Anthropolgie}

On pillows, lamps or on anything really – I have to admit that I do have a bit of an owl obsession.

Geese...{spotted here, available here}

Specifically, this goose lamp! My love of avian related objects knows no bounds I’m afraid... I would definitely glow with happiness if I had one of these beauties.

Perler Beads... {Flickr}

Perler Beads.
Some people call them Hama beads – I prefer plain old perler. I find it really soothing creating patterns and pictures out of the beads. Boyfriend loves the fact that we now have a steady stream of coasters and mats...

Mialiv creates some gorgeous perler designs, which I adore looking at.Who knew you could create such beauties with some beads and a hot iron? And a bit of a tip for you: I picked up a load of beads and plates from Ikea recently, which were much cheaper than normal craft stores.

Chocolate Freckles... {Lobster and Swan}

Chocolate Freckles.
Whenever I bake these, my boyfriend and I can’t stay away from them. We promise ourselves to just take one, but before we know it we’ve eaten five each! I took a batch into work one day and within half an hour all were gone, so we can’t be the only ones distracted by them!

I found the recipe in a Marks and Spencer cookie book, but Lobster and Swan has also posted the recipe on her blog (which is also rather distracting!).