My name is Chelsea and I am easily distracted...

Hello all. Chelsea here from life is beautiful. I am both honored & excited to be guest posting here on Rhianne’s lovely blog. And even more excited about the wonderful theme of things that easily distract me. If you know me at all, you know that I am very easily distracted by the beautiful things in life.
So, here goes:

My polaroid camera...

My polaroid camera.

I think that anything looks brilliant through the eyes of a Polaroid camera, & so inspiration strikes often when I want to whip my baby out. We’re talking a puddle of water, a dried leaf on the sidewalk, even a cup of coffee. EVERYTHING looks brilliant as a Polaroid.

My dog...
My dog.

Guinness is tied with my husband for the love of my life {you think I’m kidding}. Luckily husband has many, many activities that keep him busy, whereas G is always by my side waiting for my attention. Let’s just say that he usually gets it. I am pleasantly distracted by G at least 10 times a day. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My thoughts...

My thoughts.

I am possibly the most scatterbrained person ever. My thoughts always jump from one thing to another to another. I freak out if I don't have somewhere to write them.... and it's usually a squiggly mess since I'm just trying to get them out of my head as soon as possible. Lists are my best friend and I ALWAYS carry a little notebook in my bag.


So many lovely blogs to read, so little time. I constantly peek into my GoogleReader during the work day because I just can't resist and usually end up staying on reading longer than I should. It's really bad when one blog links to another great one and so on. I just can't stop!



Music means everything to me and sometimes I just have to be listening to the right song/artist in order to get something done. Phoenix helps me clean, Death Cab helps me unwind, and Regina Spektor sends my mind off somewhere romantic with husband. But let's just say if the wrong tune is playing at the wrong time, you'll have to go fetch my mind from Paris and get it back to work!

It's pretty hard to narrow down what distracts me into one post.... my blog is basically a big rambling story of everything that distracts me in life. It's hard to stay focused with so many lovely things in life.