So right now...

I'm feeling happily overwhelmed!
(phrase shamelessly stolen from here :D)

Its been a bit of a odd weekend - I felt so ill on Saturday that we hardly did anything. I did check the internet though (I'm weak) and I found that not only had I won a one-off parcel from Tea for Joy... but I had been given awards by Sunflares Plethora and A Chick Named Hermia (oh and I got one from Red Boots as well but that was a while ago and I totally forgot)

Thank you so much!!

Luckily due to a combination of such exciting news and lots of naps (I love naps) I felt much better on Sunday so we popped into Town. We had a cheeky McDonalds in order to get some free Cola glasses... how cute are they?

And I tortured myself by looking around Urban Outfitters but not actually buying anything... oops! I was sorely tempted by this Ice Invaders tray though.

And thats about it... I love lazy weekends!

p.s. Hello to my latest followers Jade, Kirsten (do you have blogs? The google friends connect thing is so annoying!) Rachel, Lissbeth, notRuairi and Designani! I'm hugely excited to have you here!!

p.p.s. You can tell its been a lazy weekend when the only photos you have are from McDonalds!