Blog awards...

Yeay for blog awards! I love getting them but I love giving them out more! It really is a pleasure to be in contact with some wonderful, creative and exciting people through blogging - it amazes me everyday. Obviously I would love to give all the awards back to the people who gave them to me - but they already have them!

First is the Keepsake Blog award from Red Boots - how cute is this?

I shall also give it to two people:

Amy at I Then Shall Live (Such a wonderful post!)
Evelyn at A Star of Love

I love Red Boots blog by the way and I am so excited that she voluteered to help with my guest post week - I almost don't want to go on holiday so I can read them with everyone else :)
Next is the award from Sunflares Plethora - I am incredibly fond of this sweet girl already (who will also be guest blogging!!) and I haven't been reading her blog that long, so I was hugely excited to get an award from her, yeay!

So I'm going to give this award too:

Adele at Poptart
Alissa at Grace's Birdcage
Chelsea at Life is Beautiful
Alicia at The Red Deer
Nina at Naturally Nina
This final award from Hermia at A Chick Named Hermia and the amazing Diamond in the Rough (Check it out!) I am giving to all of my followers!!

I know its a slight cop out but I seriously can not believe I have over 40 (insane right) I was thinking of doing another giveaway at 50 followers but I never expected to get anywhere near that number in under a month so this is all I have for you -for now. Thank you so much for reading and please keep leaving comments - I love reading them and will try my best to comment back! (which should be easier now we're getting a laptop, woooop!!)