Laptop Laptop Laptop...

Eeeee, I am so excited that we are getting a laptop tomorrow- its just what we need!

Once I finished University (over a year ago now, I can't believe it) my computer decided that after 4 years of being overworked and constantly on it had had enough and one day it stopped turning on. I was incredibly sad - it was my first computer and it got me through my degree and was with me from the beginning... it also kept me in contact with Boyfriend through the years that we were hours away from each other. Luckily I saw the signs early and I put everything onto my hard drive - so my little computers spirit lives on (despite the fact that it is now stored safely in our wardrobe, waiting to be dismantled or updated...)

So when the new laptop arrives I am going to:

  1. Update my music and my Ipod - Boyfriend has so much music on his computer but I always feel bad if I hog it - at least with the laptop I can just plug the harddrives in and go!
  2. Transfer all my blog things from my little data stick onto my patiently waiting hard drive.
  3. Look through all my pictures from the past 4 years - I can not wait to do this. I think I'll share the best ones on here - maybe have a reminiscing week - what do you think?
  4. Play some old PC games that we have been saving for a rainy day - Broken Sword, yeay
  5. Catch up with Google Reader at the weekends! Woo! (and possibly even post... because just the weekdays isn't enough, hehe)
  6. Find the cutest laptop case for it - though Boyfriend will have to like it too, so maybe I mean coolest?

p.s. I'm also super excited that we have something that is ours! You know... besides the Xbox...