Flamingo Land!

I don't really know why its taken me so long to post about our day trip to Flamingo Land... especially as I absolutely loved it. The weather was lovely, we had great company (my sister and her boyfriend) and the rides and the zoo were amazing! I love Theme Parks and now so does Boyfriend.
( I want to take him to Alton Towers next, woo)
The best thing about Flamingo Land was that it had alot of my favourite things!

{Peacocks and tigers}

Peacocks and tigers...

{Minature trains and awesome rides}

Minature trains and awesome rides...

{I love swings!}

and swings! I love swings - in fact my favourite ride was Flip Flop - essentially a massive spinning swing!

Yeay for great days out and finding new things that Boyfriend and I can do together!!