Feeling much better...

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Yeay, I'm feeling much better today: I didn't get woken up by the neighbours last night and I finally sorted out my blogroll - check it out, it took me ages but it looks great!

Heres a quick list of things that cheered me up over the past 24 hours...

  1. Boyfriend shouting 'Hello' when I got home
  2. Beating Boyfriend on Rockband (its such a rare occasion!)
  3. Getting fish and chips for dinner even though we are meant to be healthy eating and saving money - oops!!
  4. Talking about looking for a new house (with a garden!) even though we probably won't.
  5. Watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition - I always cry and I love it
  6. Eating a cupcake without icing for breakfast, yummy!
  7. Nearly choking on the bus from laughing at a funny tweet from my friend.
  8. The little french girl on the bus (about 4) she spoke beautifully and gave me the funniest look when I was choking laughing.
  9. Playing Left for Dead online with my sister (shes about a 4 hours drive away) we were 'bonding' according to my Mum - bless
  10. Planning something to do for my birthday - its not for a while but I like to get excited about things :)

All I need to do now is find a swing to sit on for a bit... that would be great.