I really wanted to write a nice post about the cupcakes and roast veg (they were great!) from yesterday but I'm tired, sad and grumpy today after an odd weekend and dissapointing morning (its only 9.30am too) Here's a few reasons I'm grumpy:

  • The BNP got a seat in Yorkshire and Humber - I wonder if all the people who didn't vote still feel they did the right thing? I voted primarily to try to stop this from happening. Voting isn't just about giving the right people power its about stopping the wrong people from getting it as well.

  • Drivers in Leeds are insane... in the 5 minute walk it takes to get to Morrisons we saw a huge van cut up a car, a motorcyclist without a helmet doing wheelies in the middle of the crossing and drivers speeding away from the lights resulting in near accidents. I can't even drive (yet) and I already have road rage!
  • Yesterday I dropped a plate and the wok, I burnt my finger, I knocked everything off the sofa, I nearly fell down the stairs, we broke the coffee table and now I can't straighten my right arm properly which is a little bit weird and painful...
  • We didn't do anywhere near enough cleaning - though our bedroom does look nice again after the couple of hours it took to sort that out (sorry for the neglect bedroom)
  • Our neighbours decided that 5.30am this morning was an appropiate time to shout and throw things around. I honestly thought someone was trying to get into our house due to the amount of noise they made! Then once they had stopped it took me ages to fall back asleep... Ug!!

On the plus side I am eating one of the cupcakes as I type and its helping to make me feel a bit better and less likely to have a frustrated/angry cry.