Reasons I love Leeds #1

Its funny how life turns out...

Around about a year ago I got offered a great job at an Interior Design company. Unfortunately the job was in London and having spent a year in London with very little money I really wasn't comfortable with the idea of moving back (especially for the pay they were offering). Also we had friends in Leeds and a lovely home. It was a tough decision but I decided to turn it down. I've never regretted that decision but occasionally I do think what if... especially as the job that I am doing now is not interior designy at all.

However yesterday totally blew all the what if's out of the water!

Reasons I love Leeds #1: Secret gigs in tiny bars!

The Hold Steady at Mojo, Leeds (photo from Mojo Website)

I have never seen my boyfriend so excited about going to a gig before. Every what if and struggle we have had since we decided to stay in Leeds was totally worth it

just to see him that happy!

Of course we didn't see anything as it was packed, but we did hear it, so its all good. And we were there, which only a few can say...