My 100th Post!

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Well here we are… the 100th post! I can’t really believe that I have written that many, especially considering my confession in March and that I haven’t had a blog for very long. (my first post was Feb!) How wrong I was to think that I didn’t need a blog!

It took me while to think about what I wanted to write about for my 100th blog – I knew it had to be something special! So in following the theme of lists that have been batting around the blogging world (here and here) I decided to start my own!

10 ways my blog has changed my life (for the better):

  1. My favourite colour has changed to yellow (a rather substantial change, red was my favourite colour for a long time!)
  2. I’ve realised its fun to takes things as they come and do something on a whim.
  3. I have discovered some wonderful people (see huge blogroll!)
  4. I read more – about everything!
  5. I have a fringe (I love it!)
  6. I took the plunge and tried red lipstick (also love…)
  7. Flickr, Etsy and Poladroid - need I say anymore…
  8. I've accepted design no longer dominates my life (tough after a 4 year design degree)
  9. I now look forward to getting on a computer, rather than dreading it.
  10. I appreciate the little things more and how lucky I am to be in love.

I started my blog as an attempt to offload my negative emotions, however it has become a celebration of things I like, things that make me happy and distractions from the negative aspects of life… which really is an awful lot better.