Followers (Part II)

Following yesterdays mild panic that I had deleted a follower, imagine my surprise when I logged on this morning and found 3 new followers and 5 comments on my blog.
I nearly died of over excitement!

I’m going to try and link to each new follower I get – reading other blogs means

just as much to me as writing my own and I love finding new blogs to read.
Jessica: The Pink Needle
I have read Jessica’s blog a number of times and I almost can’t believe she is
following me. Check out the cute pins and $4 red shoes!

Jamie: Same New Story
I can’t remember how I found this adorable blog but it quickly got promoted

into my favourites! I want a kitty and to play with puppies in the pet shop!

Amy: I Then Shall Live
A new and exciting find! I can’t believe that she is only 20 and married

with a step child, an amazing and inspiring blog.

A huge thank you to my new followers, I am looking forward to your new posts :)