The Real Ale Shop

Last week we went to the Real Ale Shop near Wells. I had no idea that it was there or that there are 18 brewaries in Norfolk! Amazing!

We got 6 ales between us - here are mine and the boyfriends choices:

First I tried the Reedcutter from Humpty Dumpty Brewary in Reedham, Norfolk and the boyfriend had Black Beauty Coffee Porter from Wagtail Brewary, Old Buckenham, Norfolk.

I don't really know alot about Ales, but the Reedcutter was delicious - very fresh and light with a malty taste that sat delightfully in the throat. Wagtail's Black Beauty was alot tastier than I expected - very smooth with only a hint of coffee which was intriguing rather than overpowering. Although not as throaty as the Reedcutter, the taste sat comfortably at the back of the tongue. Both the boyfriend and I felt very smug sitting in Norfolk supping on Norfolk Ale's, it must be said :)

P.S. I really wanted this ale from the Elveden Brewary. 1. because it is made by Elves (obviously) and 2. because I love the bottle! Was £6 though - doh!