One day I will retire to the seaside and if I'm lucky it will be to Wells.

We've been going to Wells ever since I can remember, however it was only when I got with my Boyfriend that it became somewhere that I started going regularly, as we always lived that little bit too far away.

My first memory of Wells is climbing up the huge slope (which isn't there anymore) carrying my bucket and spade, trying as hard as my little legs could carry me to get up as fast as I could. That same day we took the little train, went on the roundabout on the park (not sure that is there either anymore...) and went into the awesome sweetshop opposite the amusements. I still love that sweetshop...

Never before have I seen seals on Wells beach though and I couldn't believe it when we saw them there! I've seen seals before on the Norfolk coast, however they are normally further towards Blakeney. I counted 8 in total, but there could have been more. These two were enjoying a sunbathe though... and I don't blame them!