Matthew Williamson... Eep!

The Matthew Williamson collection at H&M went on sale yesterday in London and sold out in less than an hour! I want some! Of course loads of it is on Ebay already and I'm so tempted. It’s going for over 3 times the price it was in London though, boo.

The collection is available in all shops across the UK from the 14th of May - so maybe I will get lucky and manage to bag myself something. Hopefully this cardigan, or the yellow top underneath - eep!

If I had more money then I would probably get the maxi dress too! I tried one on which was similar but no way near as nice in TKMaxx and I was really surprised that they actually suit me quite well, despite the fact that I'm quite short.
The mini dress is gorgeous too and I'm surprisingly taken by the leather jacket - oh if only I had several hundred pounds spare...

I love Matthew Williamson.... sigh.