Oh, how I've missed you...

Its monday again which means back to the blog, yeay! I had friday off as well as the weekend and I feel like I'm returning to visit an old friend after a few years away... sad but true.

Bit of a mixed post today - I was going to write about my excursions from the weekend however I left the photos on my boyfriends computer, so that will have to wait. I do however have a few pictures of the cupcakes I made from my phone! Marble cupcakes! Yummy!

So instead today's blog is once again going to be about blogging - Having managed to catch up on most of my favourite blogs - I stumbled onto Patricia Gray's New Top 10 Interior Design Blogs which is slightly disasterous as I am now following 41 blogs - however its mainly great as I love finding new blogs to read and it forced me to re-arrange the blogs in my side bar.

I've now got two list of blogs - one which is specifically for design and the other for all the other blogs that I read... I think it looks much smarter and its definately easier to navigate now. I also decided to include all the blogs that I follow as I think that they are all really interesting instead of trying to safe space.