Once again I forgot the photos from the weekend - which is annoying as I really want to show you the ones of the puppy!

This morning is going reaaally slowly. Its not good. I decided to waste some time trying to find other blogs from Yorkshire - especially as most of the ones I follow are from the US. I felt invigorated after finding The Good Stuff (hes right - it is rude not to pop into the Town Street Tavern!) however everything I found was disappointing: blogs were either written by 13 year olds, not used for 2 years or boring - boooo! Maybe its not a bad thing to stick to the design ones after all!

p.s. decided to look through the Good Stuff and found A Swift One with lots of places to drink in Yorkshire, woo! I really need to learn more about pints :)

Oh also now following 49 blogs after finding lots on beer... double oops!