Day 143: Xemxija Heritage Trail Part I

One of our favourite things about Malta was that there was SO much to see - so many amazing things. Valetta was, of course, wonderful (I have more photos but figured we could take a break for a bit) and so full of history but the quite astounding thing is that the second world war and even the Knights of Valetta, is young history for the island.  And one area this was most obvious was the Xemxija (pronounced shem-she-ya) Heritage Trail which luckily wasn't too far from where we stayed in Bugibba.

With around 20(!) sites of archaeological importance the trail starts with the roman road - a mere 2000ish years old, leading up to a cave and the roman apiaries.

I think I shared the last carob tree photo before but I must admit that it was one of my favourite things on the trail - I love trees anyway - but to see and touch one knowing that its been through most of Malta's recent history and quite amazing turns of events, was really something.

Camera: Canon EOS 750
Films: Agfa Vista 200 and Kodak Portra 160 NC
Location: Xemxija, Malta