Azure's Window

I was so sad to see on the news that the natural wonder of Azures Window on the island on Gozo in Malta had collapsed during a storm. Amazingly we didn't take too many photos whilst we were there, it was the kind of place you really appreciated in person however I wanted to share the few we did have here as it was definitely a highlight of our honeymoon whilst we were in Malta. 

Although it is sad to see, Malta still has so many amazing places to visit, and I'm more than 100% sure that Thomas and I will go back to Malta one day - but for now, I'm content going through all my photos on here (theres a lot ha) and we still have one bottle of Maltese wine left for a special occasion, woohoo.

Camera: Refurb LC-A  (expect the first photo, that was taken on a phone)
Film: Agfa Vista 200

Hazy Sunshine

I've abandoned my LC-A a little this year in favour for my Canon EOS 750 which has been soooo trusty with my 366 Project (apart from some random light leaks which I'm not too upset about).  So it was nice to stumble on these unshared shots from Malta whilst sorting out my (completely chaotic) hard drive of photos. 

Now its getting darker and colder, I've been missing Malta more and more. Even though we knew we would enjoy our visit, we didn't really expect to love it there as much as we did.

Camera: Refub LC-A
Film: Lomo 400 CN
Location: Bugibba, Malta

Day 141: Light Leaks in Malta

I bit of a throw back to earlier in the year I know, but with Autumn creeping in and the days getting darker, I figured a bit of sunshine wouldn't hurt... also I still have a few Malta photos to share on here, so why not??

The last light leak isn't as obvious but it is above the mans head I promise... mostly because I spent a good while trying to figure out the colour balance in this photo when scanning it and getting annoyed that part of the sky looked pink hahaha. Colour scanning is a b*tch sometimes...

Camera: Canon EOS 750
Film: Agfa Vista 200
Location: Valetta, Malta <3