Our Christmas tree...

These photos are actually from last year but our tree always looks pretty much the same if I'm honest (you can see photos from last year here) I'm a stickler for tradition at Christmas. Although we do have my parents fancy, flashy LED lights on the tree after I accidentally stole them earlier this year. (Thanks Dad and Mum, oops).

Photo29_25A Photo32_28A Photo28_24A Photo30_26A Photo31_27A Photo27_23A

I took these last year with my Holga 135bc as I knew I needed to finish the film off. I didn't expect them to work to be honest, so the fact that I got some fun (if a bit silly) results always makes me smile. Sometimes I take things way to seriously so these were a nice reminder to enjoy myself, to stop comparing myself to other people and to enjoy the process, even if I am waving a camera around in front of a christmas tree haha.

Camera: Holga 135bc Film: Lomo CN 80

Fireworks and Sparklers!!

I'm normally very wary of the blub switch on my cameras - it usually causes frustrating results that feel like I've wasted the film. 

However, after reading Lomo Lovers Vol 4, I decided that Bonfire night was the perfect reason to experiment with it more, especially in taking photos of the fireworks and sparklers!

Aren't they amazing?! I LOVE fireworks, so the whole thing was far too much fun for me!

I did originally plan to double expose the roll as in the Lomo Lover's guide but I was impatient to get it developed, so I didn't. Next year I think I will though now that I know the blub setting works wonderfully with the fireworks. I'm excited about it already.

Camera: Holga 135bc
Film: Lomography CN 800
Location: Leeds