Our Christmas tree...

These photos are actually from last year but our tree always looks pretty much the same if I'm honest (you can see photos from last year here) I'm a stickler for tradition at Christmas. Although we do have my parents fancy, flashy LED lights on the tree after I accidentally stole them earlier this year. (Thanks Dad and Mum, oops).


I took these last year with my Holga 135bc as I knew I needed to finish the film off. I didn't expect them to work to be honest, so the fact that I got some fun (if a bit silly) results always makes me smile. Sometimes I take things way to seriously so these were a nice reminder to enjoy myself, to stop comparing myself to other people and to enjoy the process, even if I am waving a camera around in front of a christmas tree haha.

Camera: Holga 135bc
Film: Lomo CN 80

More walking to work...

I actually can't remember the last time that I had to finish off so many rolls of film on my way to work - I didn't realise that I had taken so many photos recently but I must have done... hurray!

These first two were taken with my refurbished LC-A and kodak 200 film, I love the definition...

 But, the following photos were taken with my holga 135bc using Lomography's CN 800 film

... can you believe those colours?! I'm blown away!

It's funny as before Photo Meditations I used to be quite reluctant of taking photos of the same thing but now I could take photos on my walk to work everyday if I'm honest, it's mostly the one time of the day where I'm completely on my own and although its only 10 minutes tops, its just what I need to start my day, especially if I have a camera with me and the sky looks like these!

Cameras: Refurbished LC-A and holga 135bc
Film: Kodak ISO 200 and Lomography CN 800
Location: Leeds.

My first Lomokino video!!

Are you excited?! I am!

In fact, I'm also incredibly glad that I bought this camera, it's so fun!

As I wasn't able to get to Kirkstall Abbey in the daylight, I ended up filming one of my first Lomokino rolls walking to work... the sun has been beautiful in the morning lately creating gorgeous colours in the sky and I'm really glad that the Lomokino managed to capture that, even if the results are a little grainy.