Oh my...

 {All images taken by Andrew Millar and used with his permission, 
to see the individual photos on Flickr, click on an image}
Sometimes I stumble upon photos on Flickr that truly take my breath away... and these photos by Andrew Millar taken with the newer Impossible Project films and a SX-70 have done just that.
The colours, tones, light and subject matter in these are just stunning and I always have a weakness for photos of horses and silhouettes. But it's the top right photo that's my favourite and it alone makes me want to try even harder to populate my photos and to capture the lovely little moments of interaction between people. 
To see more of Andrew's photos, check out his Flickr photostream (I highly recommend it) or his Facebook page - you won't be disappointed.

'Why do you shoot film?' blog series...

Yesterday Shokoofeh posted about a blog series that she was taking part in... and as soon as I saw it, I honestly couldn't believe that I hadn't seen it before.

Astrid from Hei Astrid has the most amazing collection of over 60 photographers taking part in her blog series
'Why do you shoot film?'
With each photographer giving their reasons with a supporting photo and I am completely smitten.

Here are a few of my favourite photos and quotes from the series so far. I still haven't looked through them all yet...

{Click on the individual photos to go to the flickr page or blog of each photographer}

I can relate to every single photographer and I love how film affects everyone differently!

Wouldn't these make the most amazing book?

See more of Astrid's series here.