Azure's Window

I was so sad to see on the news that the natural wonder of Azures Window on the island on Gozo in Malta had collapsed during a storm. Amazingly we didn't take too many photos whilst we were there, it was the kind of place you really appreciated in person however I wanted to share the few we did have here as it was definitely a highlight of our honeymoon whilst we were in Malta. 

Although it is sad to see, Malta still has so many amazing places to visit, and I'm more than 100% sure that Thomas and I will go back to Malta one day - but for now, I'm content going through all my photos on here (theres a lot ha) and we still have one bottle of Maltese wine left for a special occasion, woohoo.

Camera: Refurb LC-A  (expect the first photo, that was taken on a phone)
Film: Agfa Vista 200