I know, I'm always catching up on here - but good news - I got my first films of this year developed today and I just need to scan them! Exciting huh.

Whilst we all patiently wait for those to be revealed (me included) I'm happily sharing more photos from our mini-moon. I got to use the phrase 'mini-moon' a few times at the weekend chatting with people and it really is so fun to say haha.

I really love these photos - they take me right back to walking along side the water and enjoying our peaceful days after the craziness that was our wedding week in Norfolk. It was nice to just be the two of us and let the realisation we'd actually done it and got married settle ha.

I particularly love the light streaming through the trees, it really is a beautiful part of the country.

Location: Hardcastle Craggs
Film: Kodak BW400CN
Camera: Canon EOS 750

Black and White film love

I totally understand why people who scan their own negatives end up favouring black and white photos - the process of scanning colour photos is challenging to say the least and a lot of the photos I scanned from the second half of last year, I'm still not 100% happy with. So, I'm going to swat up soon on colour scanning (anyone know any good places to learn about it?), set up the scanner so I can use it more regularly and rescan all the colour films I've done so far. Which luckily isn't more than 15 I reckon, but still frustrating to have to start over. 

The worst part is looking at the images and knowing, feeling, that they're not quite right - but not knowing how to fix it. But I'm going to learn - I'm earnest and I'm going to show up and get it done. 

Luckily I still have some black and white photos from our mini moon that I'm very taken with and happy to be finally sharing.

I usually try and put together photos from a similar place/time and these were taken on the same day/roll but a bit spread apart. Today however, I decided to just pick my favourites from the batch I still have to share, because why not? 

Camera: Canon EOS 750
Film: Kodak BW400CN (I love it!)
Location: Hardcastle Craggs/ Hebden Bridge

Our Mini Moon - Hardcastle Crags Part I

When I was taking these photos I believed this to be my last roll of Kodak BW400CN and I was so sad because I really do love this film but I was also so happy because it was our mini moon and what better place to take photos with one of my favourite films. 

We also happened to be walking around Hardcastle Crags and I had another one of those moments where I couldn't quite believe that we were in Yorkshire or that somewhere so beautiful could be so close to where we live (similar to Brimham Rocks which also took my breath away). And getting these photos back, I'm so pleased I used the film when I did, I love them!

Of course loving them so much only led to me mourning the loss of Kodak BW400CN further and I ended up buying ten more rolls - oops and hurrah!!  So I'm delighted to say these won't be my last photos from this film, though I think they will always be up there with my favourites.

Camera: Canon EOS 750
Film: Kodak BW400CN
Location: Hardcastle Crags