Cayton Bay

It's been a while since I've shared a post here - partly I had no new photos to share here and partly, I've just been focusing on getting through the days. It's been two months and I'm getting there but gosh there are hard parts of every day.

One highlight of March however, was passing my driving test! And because the aim of passing was to drive, we also bought a car and our first ever day trip together was to Cayton Bay on the Yorkshire coast. And of course, I took photographic evidence that we were actually there, hurrah!

The last photo was me being a dummy and forgetting I already had film in my LC-A before we headed out. I love the accidental result though luckily. Also, I love how the other three photos all have dogs in them!

Camera: Refurb LC-A
Film: Kodak BW400CN
Location: Cayton Bay