Out of Focus

I mentioned in my first post sharing photos from the Fujifilm Zoom Date 1000 that I failed a little bit with taking risks with the focusing. I’ve debated about sharing these photos here because ‘technically’ they’re not great - at all. But there is something kind of ethereal about them still - that soft (fail) focus on film you know?

Also, and I’ve written about this many times before, there is such a tendency on the internet to only share your very best. Now, I’m not selling you anything or trying to encourage you to buy my best things - instead I’m trying to share my experience with you - and that experience with this camera is that the focus on it doesn’t quite match my aspirations haha.

It is hard not to think ‘well if I’d used this camera, or another camera’ these photos would be exactly as I wanted them - and I think that comes from the place of taking a ‘perfect’ photo - rather than that place of accepting the equipment, the situation and the choices that you’ve made. I do tend to overthink things (I’m sure you’ve never noticed ha) but in sharing these photos here, theres a (begrudging) acceptance of these photos just as they are and I think theres something really important in that as a learning process as well as that constant trying to get the perfect photo all the time.

Camera: Fujifilm Zoom Date 1000
Film: Lomography CN 400
Location: Leeds