Hello! Remember me?

Hey kids, sorry for the radio silence, this year has been a bit crazy - pretty much from May onward I feel like I’ve been taking steps in so many directions that I’ve just ended up running in circles haha. Still we’ve made to the end of the year - and in the last couple of weeks I’ve had to decide what I really want to do with this space.

I knew I didn’t want it to disappear, I feel like this blog is the best thing to come out of the 6 years I spent at a job that didn’t take me anywhere - yet I wasn’t sharing, wasn’t taking photos. Then Flickr decided to be extra and charge for having over 1,000 photos on there. Ouch, I have 8,000! So I then had to decide what to do about that - and as Flickr is linked quite a lot with my earlier blog posts, I decided that I better keep both.

And keeping both costs money, so if I’m keeping both - I better actually use them. And here we are… here I am! Hi! I’m sure you haven’t missed me, but I’ve missed you.

I also decided that if I am sharing here, I’m going to share whatever I want. And that at the moment includes tarot cards, knitting, crochet (those are all over my Pinterest anywho), anxiety, food intolerances, grief, engineering (get me!) and of course, our favourite subject - film photography. There will still be photos once get I get myself organised don’t worry.

Over all though guys, I want there to be love. A love of taking photos, a love of doing something that is just for you, a love of sharing and (re)connecting to the world, a love of all the good things and a love of all the bad things.

My instagram reads: ~ love ~ create ~ inspire ~ smile ~ and I think perhaps its time to get back to all those things and remember why I loved blogging in the first.

(And if after a year of paying for Flickr, I haven’t blogged and its just not worth the investment, then we’ll see… but positive thinking right?!)