My latest camera takes lovely photos...

I have so many other photos to share from our week away still but I'm going to jump the gun and share the photos from my newest camera - my Ricoh 500 G

Ricoh 500 G

Isn't it lovely? I really liked it as soon as I saw it. Admittedly, it took a little convincing from the old man in the charity shop for me to fork out £6.99 for it (I always try not to spend over £5 on a camera, it makes searching for them more fun I think) especially as the light seal inside is falling away... however I'm so glad I did. He said it was a great little camera and that it was a bargain and I'm thinking that he was right.

Here are some of the best photos that I took with it last weekend in Minehead. I used an expired film as I wasn't sure whether the seal would be good enough and I experimented a bit with the different exposure times, so half of the film is a little blurry and bright. I don't mind though, it was so much fun to try a new camera and I love learning its little quirks.

I absolutely love how the colours of the beach turned out

I'll stop at 10 photos on here but you can see the entire film here, I absolutely love the tone of these photos. I can't wait to try more films in it.

Location: Minehead, England
Camera: Ricoh 500 G
Film: Expired Boots iso 400 film