My name is Brittni and I am easily distracted...

Hi there!

I am so happy to be guest posting while Rhianne is off enjoying herself! My name is Brittni and I am a 23 year old girl with a teaching certificate and no permanent teaching job (yet!). My blog is all about life and  personal style. Stop by and say hello!

Now on to the post topic- what distracts me.
Rather.. what doesn't distract me?
I also am easily distracted like Rhianne.

When I have something important to do,
these are the things you can find me doing instead:

Talking to my dog. Man's BFF, Chip. 

Engaging in random crafty endeavors: sewing, crocheting, etc.


Scouting out sparkley lovelies such as these.

You can also find me browsing on Blogger, Pinterest, and of course Anthro!