The Great British Seaside

Earlier this week, the Guardian shared some photos on their website of British beach photography and it made me so happy. Growing up in Norfolk, we were often at the beach when we were younger and now Thomas and I try to go as much as we can now we're older. I guess living on an island (though I often forget that) makes you fond of the sea and I am extremely fond of it - and the idea of the quaint, British seaside too.

Looking through the photos I also thought that 'Oh I have so many photos of the seaside like these'* so here is my little online exhibition of my Great British Seaside photos. Enjoy!

I rarely look through my old photos anymore and this post kind of forced me to do it. It's odd looking at photos that are perhaps 5 years old when you feel like a totally different person to the one who took them. I still really love the beach though and even with all the rubbish politics going on here, and frankly terrible behaviour by people who claim to be proud to be British, I really love living here (yes even when its icy in the Winter) and the Guardian website and these photos of my own were a timely reminder of that.


p.s. is this too many photos? I got overexcited haha!