Oxburgh Hall Part 1

I really love it when a hall lets you take photos inside... I mean REALLY love it! We've been to a couple lately where I've been wondering around and inwardly sighing to myself 'that is such a gorgeous photo' whilst my camera is safely packed in my bag and my fingers are twitching with wanting to use it. However, Oxburgh Hall was not one of those halls - Oxburgh Hall lets you take photos - Oxburgh Hall is my current favourite hall ever ha!

(this photo totally makes me swoon!)

(this photo totally makes me swoon!)


The light! The lovely little details (always my fave!), the out of focus selfie which I really love because I was there and I was so happy walking around and soaking it all in. I'm even happy with the colours in these photos (until I perhaps look on my work computer rather than our laptop...) so yeah - visit Oxburgh Hall!

Camera: Canon EOS 750
Film: Agfa Vista 200
Location: Oxburgh Hall