I mentioned in my previous post that the heritage trail has around 20 archaeological sites on it and pictured below are even more of these - the roman apiaries, a megalithic temple ruin (5000ish years old approx - whaaa?) and a cave dwelling! 

We were mostly walking around in awe of the age of things and also that they were still there after all this time. Remarkably we were the only people around too - the trail wasn't well signposted and most tourists don't seem to know its there, which considering the sites was quite incredible to us. 

Admittedly there was quite a steep climb to the roman road and the trail wasn't well marked (we missed the roman baths because we couldn't find them and after a couple of hours in the sun we were too hot and hungry to keep searching) however, I still think they were totally worth the visit even if like us, you don't see all the sights.

Camera: Canon EOS 750
Film: Kodak Portra 160 NC
Location: Xemxija, Malta