Wroxall Abbey Estate

As part of the away day where I work, we went to Wroxall Abbey Estate. It was a pretty long journey there and back in a mini van but I can't really complain because I finally read Jill Bolte Taylors 'Stroke of Insight' which I've been wanting to read for years and it was amazing - I highly recommend it and her TED talk if you have 20 minutes. (Side note: I also love this song about the brain featuring Jill - is that too nerdy a confession? Ha! Maybe a little... gotta love science)

Anyway, the photos... I didn't expect to take any of these photos. I thought perhaps I'd force one photo of something there in between the presentations, food and socialising... but instead it was a photographers dream. Behind the lovely hotel building and the abbey ruin was a run down farm and I don't think I've ever taken this many photos so fast ever - I was very annoyed with myself for not bringing another film with me in fact - though in hindsight thats probably a good thing as I would have probably taken a whole other roll of film haha and this is one full blog post as it is.

Oh my gosh the details, the textures, the hazy light... I love these and I'm so very excited to share them with you too. Hopefully you see what I see.

Camera: Canon EOS 750
Film: Agfa Vista 200
Location: Wroxall Abbey Estate