A winter stroll on the beach


Hello lovely people and happy 2015!! I know, I know… we’re already two weeks in and I’m late to my own blog party... but oh well. I guess I needed the break and it was nice to relax over the holidays and then take some time to settle back into work properly.

These photos were taken on the beach over Christmas in Norfolk and are my last photos from 2014 in my OM-10. I’m not sure what happened with these if I’m honest – the camera kept changing the shutter speed as I took to the photo which is very weird and frustrating… because you can hear immediately that something has gone wrong and even though I double checked the shutter speed for the next photo, the same thing happened again!

Though I will confess that I’m really enjoying the contrast between the people and the beach and sky – they’re reminding me of a Lowry painting a little. It is annoying with the photos that really overexposed though and aren’t worth keeping. I’m going to change the batteries and hope that fixes the situation, toes and fingers crossed!

Camera: Olympus OM-10
Film: Ilford XP2

Location: Wells-Next-The-Sea, Norfolk

p.s. If you’re following me on Flickr – I apologise that I’ll be uploading all my 2014 photos that aren’t on there over the next few weeks but hopefully that means more blog posts (cos I’m so far behind…)