Around where I live...

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This is another unintentional series on here, but again I love it :)

Last weekend Thomas and I decided to go for a little walk - and as it was relatively bright (you know, for England in the Winter...) I took my camera with me too. This is my second outing with the Canon EOS 750 and I think I like it, its simple, you focus and you press the shutter.  Sometimes you just want a simple and reliable camera and I think this is a good choice with just that little bit of extra control in the focus.

I love these photos too - the merry xmas graffiti amuses me as it hadn't been covered up yet and it was January still, I love the bookshop on the main road, I've always wanted a photo of the run down pub and the blossom is really early this year (compared to this photo which was taken in March last year!) And of course you can't have photos of Kirkstall without photos of the abbey :)

Camera: Canon EOS 750
Film: Agfa Vista 200
Location: Leeds