#BEDM - Life Lessons


This topic is a bit of a struggle for me at the moment, as honestly, so many people have said some amazing things to me in the last few weeks - but at the same time - they don't all apply to me 100%. I'd even go as far as saying that even with all the life lessons I've learnt, I still haven't had the right ones to get me through this past year - I'm constantly learning, and at the moment, that's exciting and exhausting.

However, there is one life lesson that I do know I really need to focus on and give myself to, and that is patience.

Patience with myself, patience with progress, patience with people around me, patience with life, patience with painting my nails, patience with work, patience with waiting to go on holiday, patience with projects... patience with everything!

Things aren't easy for anyone at the moment, but it will pass and if you work at it, life does improve but as they say 'Rome wasn't built in a day' and neither is success, happiness, well being, a healthy lifestyle, green living, a perfect nail polish technique (I'm getting there) or relationships.

Also, I really need to be more patient with waiting for buses - that's definitely going to be a life long lesson I think, haha.

p.s. The photo isn't really relevant, but I like it.