#BEDM - Go Green

Photo05_1A I've been a bit rubbish at BEDM to be honest, I thought that it would help me get back in the swing of blogging - but one thing I do know about blogging (and anything creative I do) is that I shouldn't really force it if I'm not really feeling it... its been nice to drop in and out of topics though and to read other peoples posts too - so I guess it isn't all bad.

I'm not really sure what to write for this post - I recycle my rubbish, I use public transport, I don't use aerosol deodorant, I try to buy things locally and to give things to charity when I don't want them any more... I know that I could definitely be better with things - such as not running as much water or using more ecological products and one thing Thomas and I would like to do is try growing our own vegetables at some point.

I think green living is similar to other lifestyle choices - you have to be able to incorporate it into your life to the point of where you don't even notice that you do it - its just what you do, like recycling, we just do it... its definitely something I need to keep working on though.

p.s. My friend Wendy has just started writing an amazing blog about sustainable living called Moral Fibres, it has definitely made me think about what I buy and how I can make more sensible choices, if its something you're interested in definitely check it out.