#BEDM - Favourite Social Media

Ok, back to #BEDM...

My favourite social media site is easily Instagram. I love the interaction on there, I love looking at everyone's photos, I love sharing snippets of my life and seeing snippets of others. I've recently been doing a 365 project on there which has been encouraging me to take photos even when I haven't really fancied it and I think that act of looking out for 'photo opportunities' even if I haven't had a camera with me has helped me to stay enthusiastic about photography on the whole. Though I am nearly a month behind on sharing the 365 photos here... oops. I'll get around to it, I'm sure.

Here are some of my favourite instagram photos since I joined :)

instagram love

You can follow me on Instagram here, I have a private account but I'm fairly easy going with accepting new friends on there.

I will add that I really love Twitter  and Society6 too - I didn't expect Society6 to have such a social feel to it, but it definitely lives up to its name and Twitter is just perfect for everything - talking to friends, keeping up with the news, its awesome. I do not like Facebook.

p.s. If anyone was wondering about the #BEDM topic yesterday - my first job was in the restaurant at Norwich Airport on Saturdays, it was pretty dull. I then worked in two of the local Tescos expresses in Norwich after that and through out Uni until I got my first 'career' job in London at an Interior Design company for a placement year... all very exciting stuff.