Glorious sunshine...

Last week it felt like Spring had finally come to the UK (though you wouldn't think it looking out of the window now... typical) and although it was windy and cold, it was sunny!! Sunshine, hurray! Oh sunshine, how I have missed you!

The second beach we visited in Norfolk (I'm not being chronological I know) was Hemsby. The beach road in Hemsby is one of those places that kind of has to be seen to believed, it has barely changed in my life time and I'm pretty sure my Dad said it looks the same as when he was younger too... it really is a throw back to how beaches used to be and people still love it for that.

However, we weren't there for the shops, we were there for the beach and unfortunately due to coastal erosion that has changed a lot, but it is still absolutely beautiful.

Funnily enough these photos almost look like they're from the 70's don't they... I didn't actually expect it to be sunny during the week so I only had a bunch of 400 iso film with me so these are slightly overexposed and so orange that they almost look cross processed (I think thats a Lomo 400 quality as the Fuji Superia ones didn't do that) but I actually really love them. The joys of film surprises :) Although next time I'll either use a slower film or a slower shutter speed definitely.

Camera: Zenit B
Film: Lomography CN 400
Location: Hemsby, Norfolk