Blackpool Part 2

Photo23_22Photo24_23 Photo17_16 Photo18_17 Photo12_11 Photo14_13 Photo15_14 Photo03_2 Photo09_8 Photo36_35 Photo37_36 Photo38_37

{We saw this guy practising golf on the beach everyday, so I had to get a photo of course...}

The more I look at these photos, the happier I am with them. I actually came away from Blackpool a bit disappointed with the number of photos that I took, but I think this may be a case of quality over quantity this time...

Its really snowed here in Leeds today (again... in Spring... yeah) so this weekend I'm going to hide away in our house with some crochet, lots of tea and good films. Have a great weekend!

Location: Blackpool, England Camera: Refurb LC-A Film: Kodak BW400CN