Blackpool North Pier

A couple of weekends ago, Thomas and I went to Blackpool for a few days.  Blackpool is a weird place, I have to admit... it's a mixture of what it used to be with what it is now -  which I guess most places are - but it doesn't seem to have any joining areas - no progression from one stage to another. It used to be a thriving seaside resort in the Victorian age and though the remnants of that exist, they are mostly run down and left behind as Blackpool becomes more and more popular for the social aspect of the town (ie clubs and bars).

Still, it is pretty photogenic (in a run down kind of way) and I'm really pleased with these photos. I also love that unlike the Ilford XP2 film which has a purple tint to it, this C41 B&W Kodak film has a blue/green tint to them.

Luckily it was sunny at the point of these photos, but boy was it cold, and I am wrapped up - I look almost smothered by my coat and hat don't I? Still I was on the beach and I looooveee the beach!!

Location: Blackpool
Camera: Refurb LC-A
Film: Kodak BW400CN