Around Blackpool Zoo with my Zenit B

This little roll of film was a little bit nerve-wracking for me - I've never taken film photos of animals in a zoo before, I hadn't used this film in this camera before and overall, I was a little frightened about not having a light meter in the unpredictable Blackpool weather (its amazing how quickly you become dependant on that particular feature). But then when I got these back I felt a little silly at being so unsure of myself and what I've learnt over the past 4 years.

Photo03_1 Photo09_7 Photo16_14 Photo21_19 {This one was for Thomas, he likes guinea pigs...}

Photo22_20 Photo27_25 Photo29_27# Photo31_29 Photo34_32 Photo36_34

{We also saw some small humans... they were fairly cute in their excitement I will admit, though not as cute as the unpictured otters - sorry small humans}

Gosh this camera... it takes my breath away. Also, the film with its odd green/blue tones... I love it.

Overall the Blackpool Zoo was probably our favourite thing about Blackpool (other than the looong beach) and it was a great day out, I would definitely recommend it.

Location: Blackpool Zoo Camera: Zenit B Film: Kodak BW400CN