Why I love this photo

I've been wondering what to post today - some days I just have nothing to share, and I rarely schedules posts very far ahead, but then Twitter saved me (hurray). Adam Bronkhorst tweeted a link to a post that described why he loved one photo so much and I absolutely loved reading it. I've been trying not to get too sappy whilst I've been writing my Ecourse (I know I keep mentioning it, I'm sorry, its pretty much all I think about in my spare time right now...) but I've come to realise that taking photos for me is an emotional process, and Dawn even described my photos as 'emotive' yesterday in her LC-A test roll post (which you should read...) so this post is really a progression from that and something that I wanted to share with everyone who reads this.

So here we are, photo number one in my new '"Why I love this photo" series.


I tried to start this off with a photo from my first rolls of film in 2009, but looking back at these photos, I realised that even though I loved the process of using a film camera again, it wasn't until I was in Wales, in September 2009, using my 7th roll of film with my Holga 135bc, that I fell back in love with photography but also in love with light.

That probably sounds a little odd, but its true. And this photo reminds of how I felt on that beach, on our first night in Wales. Of how beautiful the beach looked, of how the light bounced off the thin layer of water and hazily reflected across the sand. Of how relaxed I felt, just soaking that beautiful golden light in and how happy I was to just be taking photos, walking along the beach with some of my favourite people in the world...

It took me 7 rolls of film to begin to understand that a wonderful photo isn't just about composition or the camera or the film, but its the light, its looking for that perfect light that expresses exactly how you feel in that moment. Even now, nearly 4 years later, I'm still learning how I want to take photos and how to look for that moment of light that expresses me so well, and honestly, I don't think I've even fully realised these things yet... I may never fully realise them.

This photo however, marks the unrealised beginning of that journey for me - none of the photos I had taken before, although I love them for being a part of my journey, have sung to me, have made me gasp, or look at my photos in wonder. None of the photos before this made me think 'I've found it...' that missing whatever it is that I'm looking for.

I think the best thing now, looking back at this photo, is knowing that I had no clue about what was ahead of me... about where I would go with my photography, the photos I would take, how much it would really mean to me later. Though I guess really, I could say the same thing about any of my photos. But this photo especially, means that much to me now because without even realising it, it was that first photo that really made my heart sing, not just in taking it, but looking at it afterwards as well.